Our final stop of the day was at Jake’s Diner in Bend, Ore. for some BBQ out on their back patio.  Jake’s is known for their welcoming staff and large portions.  This is the truth!

17 alumni and parents joined us this evening and conversation seemed to always come back to the amazing weather Central Oregon has and how all of them are so thankful to be out of the rainy Willamette Valley.  Yep, the people of Central Oregon like their sun and mild winters

.  Maybe someday we’ll get them to come back to campus, but for now, it looks as though we’ll just keep coming back to the sunny part of the state.

For the night we’re crashing at the home of ’73 alum D.C. and Pam Lundy in Powell Butte.  They are in Ohio for the week, but have graciously opened their doors to us.  Luckily, they didn’t leave any farm chores for us to do – we’ve got a long day of driving ahead of us come morning.

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