Earlier today All-American center Hannah Munger sent President Baker an update on the knee injury she suffered in last Saturday’s NCAA Div. III championship game, and a message for her fans.

President Baker,

First, I want to tell everyone in the Newberg and George Fox community how much your support and prayers have meant to my teammates and I this past season. We have been incredibly blessed to be a part of such a faithful and loving community. This support has been especially encouraging to me during the time of my injury from Saturday’s game. My doctor and the George Fox Athletic Training staff received the results from my MRI and have informed me that I tore my ACL and bruised a bone in my right knee. I am in the process of scheduling an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to discuss what the next steps will be. There are many things I have to consider before making any future decisions so please continue to pray for me as I talk with my family, the coaching staff, my teammates, and the athletic training staff to make these decisions. Ultimately, these uncertainties will become clearer after I meet with my surgeon when I get back from spending time with my family in California for spring break. I will be sure to keep everyone informed as I begin to gather information and make my decisions. Again, thank you to everyone for offering up so much support. I feel truly blessed to be a part of such a community.

-Hannah Munger