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By Kelly Uchiumi (’14)

Vannakam! That means ‘hello’ in Tamil, the main language spoken in the state Tamil Nadu in India. Last fall I had the opportunity through George Fox to study for a semester in India and it has forever changed my life. When I first came to campus as a freshman I knew that I wanted to study abroad. I met with my enrollment counselor to look over my classes to make sure I would still graduate on time and picked India because it would allow me to take a global business class and have a rich cultural experience.

For three and a half months I took classes at a local university. Some of my favorite classes were Indian cuisine, where we learned how to cook with various spices and make regional dishes, and my weekly business internship at an outsourced accounting firm in the city. One of my favorite dishes to make and eat is coconut chutney with dosa, a very thin crepe made out of rice. I ate with my right hand everyday (because utensils are not used in India!) and learned how to bargain with a rickshaw driver to drive me to my internship every week. Continue reading

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By Keri Potter (’15)

‘Be Known’ is a George Fox slogan that is thrown around in casual conversation on campus all the time. Yes, George Fox is a place to be known. With an emphasis on small class sizes, different clubs and service projects, it is easy to be plugged in and known in the George Fox Community. But, what about being heard? Continue reading

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