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I may be biased because I work at George Fox, but I think we have the most amazing admissions counselors of all time! Take a look at this video and get to know Taylor, Christine, Dale, Dot, Justin, Lindsey, Mandee, and Ryan.

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Last Saturday I had the privilege of seeing the annual Christmas concert that the music department puts on. There’s really one word that can describe the experience …epic. The concert featured many different music groups including the university’s Concert Choir, Women’s Chorale, Handbell Ringers, Symphonic Band, Strings, Chamber Singers, Brass Quintet, Early Music Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Horn Ensemble and Clarinet Ensemble. There were even tap dancers! Student photographer Brendon Reed got some great shots of the event.

Planning for the yearly concert begins up to 10 months in advance.

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Each semester on the day before finals start, ASC collaborates with the Bon to serve a late night breakfast to all students attending George Fox as a much needed study break. The event starts at ten, but students begin lining up much earlier anticipating the free late night meal. I arrived at the Bruin’s den around 9:40 and the line already extended from the Bon entrance through the Bruin’s den into the quad outside.  Students who had been there for a while sat together and played cards, worked on their laptops (either studying or playing computer games, I’m not really sure), or just hung out with their friends. Once the doors opened, the bon quickly filled up as students continually streamed through the buffet line, choosing between eggs, tator tots, waffles, muffins, donuts and ham. The food went quick, but the ASC committee and Bon workers refilled everything as soon as it ran out, and everyone went home happy.

Right in the middle of it all Tiffany Gilly directed everyone in singing Happy Birthday to Sarah Cadd, ASC activities director and co-coordinator of the late night breakfast.

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When the war came to Liberia in 1989, Saah Joseph was just 14 years old. Rebels shot both of his parents. He escaped, and walked for nine days to a refugee camp in Sierra Leone. Joseph lived in the camp for 10 years.

Then the war came to Sierra Leone. Rebels attacked the refugee camp, looking for young boys to capture and turn into soldiers. Joseph fled again and escaped to Guinea. But the war came to Guinea, too. His life was a blur of West African countries and refugee camps.

When he returned to Sierra Leone, he was arrested for being a Liberian. Government officials couldn’t tell who was a rebel fighter or who was a refugee so they threw them in jail indiscriminately. Joseph, who became a Christian when he was young, began leading morning devotions. Prison officials made him the Chaplain, which got him out of his cell more often.

“I was happy to go around because I got to feel the cool breeze on my face,” he said.

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Free the 43

December 7, 2010

George Fox University students and faculty are raising awareness this week for 43 Filipino health care workers they think are wrongly imprisoned. Melanie Newell told us in this video what students are doing to help. Read an article about Melanie’s experience in the Philippines here.

December 17th Update from Melanie:

I just wanted everyone to know that the Morong 43 have now officially been freed!!
The supreme court passed the motion filed by President Aquino yesterday afternoon. The 43 walked out of the military detention center and into the arms of relatives and friends Dec. 16 around 11:30pm (Filipino time).
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Christmas on the Quad

December 6, 2010

The Bruin Heritage Society and Alumni Relations hosted a Christmas celebration on the quad. There was singing, candles, a reading of the Christmas story, cookies, and plenty of warm drinks. Here are a few pictures I snapped at the event.

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Mike sits down with photographer Dominique Berho to talk about his recent projects. Dominique is a senior International Studies major at George Fox and an all around awesome guy. Take a look at his photography here.

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