Employees invited to participate in political conference this week

Interested in politics? Do you have opinions on income inequality, immigration and legislating morality? Have you wondered about the future of the political right post 2016? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, join us Friday and Saturday, Sept. 15-16, for a free weekend of conversation, debate, professional development and delicious food.

At The Future of Libertarianism and Conservatism Conference, seven thoughtful libertarians and conservatives from around the nation will address these three major policy areas and the future of the political right. Students will be invited to ask questions, discuss presentations and debate these issues with speakers and with each other. The conference will conclude with representatives from four major conservative and libertarian organizations describing programs, internships and scholarships they offer that can help college students jumpstart their careers.

You do NOT have to be a conservative or libertarian to come to this event, and students and employees from all backgrounds and perspectives are welcome. We invite participants to enter into a robust but polite dialogue about these important issues as we look to the future.

For more details and to register, click this link.

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