Meet Tyler VanderZanden

Name: Tyler VanderZanden
Birthday: 5-25-89
Hometown: Hillsboro, OR
Major/Year in school: Organizational Communications/Senior
Favorite place in Newberg: Anywhere my friends are and/or Underground Coffee Shop
Why you chose George Fox: I wanted to stay relatively close to home, so Fox was one of my options. When I came to visit campus, there was something about it that felt right. Even though I got more scholarships for another local school, George Fox had a quality about it that really became obvious when I visited the campus.
One fun random fact about you: I could list off the winners of at least the last 12 male and female grand slam tennis tournaments. Probably more.

3 thoughts on “Meet Tyler VanderZanden

  1. Hi, I’m Ah Lee from Singapore. I’ll be graduating from senior high in a few months’ time and I’m interested in universities from the States. You mentioned above that you received a scholarship. Is there any way I can too? ‘Cause that would really help. Thanks 🙂

  2. Thanks. I was actually looking forward to know Tyler better, because he seemed so… content about this university. He seemed to be an interesting guy. He had graduated, right?

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