Wobble-Off 2011

Some of the brightest ideas to come from the minds of aspiring engineers were on display Thursday, Dec. 8 when George Fox University’s engineering program hosted its annual engine competition. The event featured the projects freshman students have built as part of their engineering major.

The eighth annual “Wobble-Off” competition featured a variety of oscillating steam/air-operated engines. The event was the culmination of the students’ first-year studies in engineering design, solid modeling and machining. The engines competed in a variety of categories, including maximum speed, minimum vibration, maximum coast, cost efficiency and creativity/craftsmanship.

Here are the results from the 2011 competition:

Creativity and Craftsmanship (Best in Show)
Grand Prize: Nathaniel Dykstra and Josiah Sweeney, Allison Moss
Runner-Up: Joe Truitt, Matt Woertink, Ben Morse & Silas Lortz, Dylan Yamamoto and Ryan Schoellkkopf

Maximum Speed
First Place: Greg Morrison
Runner-Up: Jordan Kelsch
Honorable Mention: Dan Robert, Aaron Molstad, James Hines

Maximum Coast
First Place: Elisha Marshall
Runner-Up: Carl Olson

Cost Efficiency
First Place: John Gaffrey
Runner-Up: Dan Roberts

Minimum Vibration

First Place: Joe Truitt
Runner-Up: Steven Miller and Brooke Molloy

Minimum Pressure

First Place: David Munoz
Runner-Up: Carl Olson, Josh Wiens

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  1. Allison, We are so excited for you. All your hard work, dedication, and drive to learn new things showed in your end result. Congratulations on “Best of Show” Love Mom and Dad 🙂

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