Finding my voice – with a little help

Aaron Strumpel poses for a photo shoot with Shekinah, who is an art major at George Fox with an emphasis in photography.
Nationally known musician Aaron Strumpel joined George Fox during the fall 2012 semester as artist in residence. He offered guidance and inspiration for various student music ensembles, including the chapel band and Shalom worship team, but also spent a good deal of time working one-on-one with students. Below sophomore Shekinah Davis recalls her experience with Aaron.

By Shekinah Davis, Class of 2015

It was the first Shalom gathering of the semester when Aaron Strumpel announced that he would be leading a singer-songwriter class. At first I felt a little nervous about joining because I don’t often sing in front of people. The last time I performed for an audience was for a talent show in high school that didn’t go so well. I thought, ‘If singing in front of my high school friends was nerve-racking, just think about trying to sing in front of Aaron, who is such an amazing worship leader and musician.’

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George Fox Students Take Part in Urbana 2012 Missions Conference

By Heather DeRosa, Class of 2014

Recent grad Nick Largusa will join a group of George Fox students at the Urbana 2012 missions conference later this month (but his long hair will not – it’s been cut since this picture was taken).

Starting December 27 and lasting until New Year’s Eve, a group of George Fox students will head to St. Louis, Miss. to partake in Urbana 2012, a missions conference for college students. I caught up with Nick Largusa, who just graduated on Saturday, to hear about his expectations for the conference.

“Urbana is a missions conference that happens every three years,” Nick explained. “It is run by Intervarsity. It’s a Christian fellowship. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of different mission organizations. There’s different missionaries that come to speak – the big names in the missions field – all to get people fired up.”

Nick also shared what he hopes will come from Urbana and how it will impact his future. “I’d like to explore all of the different missions opportunities there are. I have a pretty good understanding, but I only know the tip of the iceberg. Urbana makes it so easy to get to know all these different organizations. I am trusting that God has something to show me. It’s going to be interesting because we will be representing Fox.”


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