Video from Anthony Sanchez’ Buzzer Beater

The men’s basketball team won their fifth straight game Sunday thanks to the last second heroics of Anthony Sanchez. The Bruins improved to 6-2 in conference play, good for a share of second place. Read the full game report here, but don’t forget to view the video below first! Junior Chris Lumsden brings us the call and postgame commentary.

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Lessons Learned in College: How to Make Friends

As you can imagine, friendships in college are very different from friendships formed in high school or prior. College is a big time of growth and change for most people, and that includes relationships. I’m a junior this year, and I live with a girl named Molly that I met in my dorm freshmen year. Molly and I became fast friends for several reasons, but I think the biggest bonding moment for us was when she jumped out of a dryer at me. Yes, you read that correctly, and yes, I will explain.


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