Student Ambush #2 – Last Day of School

Mike and I interview-ambushed students, staff, and even some parents today as they were packing up and finishing up their last finals of the year. They shared their thoughts on finals week, coffee, summer plans and more! What was your experience like on the last day of school?

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Through the Mailbox

Each year George Fox hosts a film festival featuring the best productions from students over the course of the past two semesters. The festival committee puts on a great event at Bauman Auditorium where students dress up, walk the red carpet, and get awards for their amazing work. Each year that I have attended the films have gotten better and better. This year was no exception. Writer/Director Natalie Daly came away from the night with several awards for her short film “Through the Mailbox”. She says, “My cast and crew were great and committed to the project. We had a few 16-hour shooting days, but everyone had a great attitude about it. The editor and I pulled a few all-nighters to get the project ready for the festival.“ The film was one of three made as part of the Advanced Production Workshop course under the Cinema and Media Communication major at George Fox .

The cast and crew of “Through the Mailbox” receive their award for Best Picture.

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Biology in Boiler Bay

Sea Monster! (or a crab)

Biology students spent the day on the Oregon coast during a field trip to Boiler Bay. During low tide, the remaining tide pools are a wealth of life. We couldn’t take a step without finding some kind of cool critter. We discovered sea slugs, sea urchins, starfish, blood stars, sea lemons, kelp crabs and much, much more. We also found out that algae hates people and tries to make them fall down a lot.

Professors Jeff Duerr, Jim Smart and Dwight Kimberley led the trip, and they seemed to have memorized the Latin name for every living creature on the planet. I’d find something, hold it up and ask Dwight what it was. He’d say, “Oh, that’s a (something in Latin).” I’d respond, “Can I just call it a purple crab?” He’d smile.

Boiler Bay is named after a large boiler that still resides in the bay. Once upon a time a ship wrecked there, and all that’s left is this hulking piece of slowly decaying steel.

The weather was perfect for our trip, and we were all disappointed when the tide started coming back in. That signaled the end of our exploration. Here’s a photo slideshow of our day.

Biology Field Trip – Images by George Fox University

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15 Minutes of Fame

If you listen to NPR on a regular basis, you may have heard the voice of Undergrad Admissions Counselor Justin Hudec on the show Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! If you missed his 15 minutes of fame, you can listen to it, or read the transcript here. When the producers of the show notified him that he would be a contestant, he was disappointed to hear that they had planned his segment to be recorded at the worst possible time for a GFU admissions counselor .. Bruin Preview. Luckily, NPR was accommodating and gave Justin an extra week. After the segment aired Justin was bombarded with phone calls and Facebook messages from friends, family, and even a former classmate who hadn’t seen him since high school. Justin says, “It’s been really cool finding out how many people listen to NPR. Friends from home, friends from George Fox, faculty at George Fox .. people have come out of the woodwork saying that they like and listen to the same show that I do.” Justin was successful in answering all three limericks during his time on the show. If you see him around on campus, congratulate him for his win!

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Meet all of the George Fox Admissions Counselors!

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Family of Ambassadors

“Ohana. Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind” (Lilo, from Lilo and Stitch). Here at George Fox, University Ambassadors has been a family for Tracy Berg and me! We have been in this group for two years now and our group has only grown stronger.


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Simmetria – GFU 2011 Fashion Show

I talked with Fashion Merchandising and Interior Design major Alyssa Ott after this year’s Simmetria Fashion Show. She was the announcer for the event. Check out my interview with her and learn about one of the many unique majors at George Fox.

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A Leap of Faith

It rains a lot in Oregon. That’s just something we deal with here at George Fox University. When it rains, the ground tends to get a little soggy and muddy. Some days, though, the sun comes out and dries everything up, and the grassy areas become firm instead of squishy.

I like to take a shortcut across the grass when I walk to work, but if it’s just rained, I can’t always tell how the ground is going to feel. It cuts a solid minute off my walk, and sometimes I risk it when I’m running just a tad late, but I hate it when I’m part way through the grass, and then it gets soggy. There’s no way of knowing whether or not the grass in the middle of the field is going to be soft or firm without taking that risk and walking out into it.

This may sound a little cheesy, but that’s exactly how I felt choosing a college. I really couldn’t tell what I was getting myself into until I was halfway into it. No matter how many times you visit a school, or look at its website, or talk to current students, you just can’t know for sure how it will be for you. And that’s where that element of trust comes in.

When I first visited George Fox, I knew it felt right, and I thought it was where the Lord wanted me, but that feeling wasn’t tangible until I was actually here. I took those steps to come to George Fox without really knowing what the middle of the field looked like. But you know what? From where I’m standing now, right in the center of it, I can tell you that for me, this is a pretty solid grassy field.

Are you willing to have some faith and step out of your comfort zone to find the right school for you?

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Friday Night in the Foxhole

Lucas Tomlinson and his band, "Mariner," perform Friday night in the Foxhole.

On Friday night, the Foxhole was the place to be. Students crowded into the popular on-campus hangout spot to watch their fellow classmates perform. Lucas Tomlinson, a senior Christian Ministries major, and his band, “Mariner,” were the third act to perform. Here’s a video and an interview with Lucas and band member Morgan Davie, a senior Studio Arts major.

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